MU Origin story background

2016-04-08 15:06:59

MU Origin story background
MU Kingdom, the legendary kingdom, huge wealth, thousands of people live in this land peaceful and happily. Because of peaceful of kingdom for many years, there is not war, people gradually forget the self-protection, they only know peace and happy to be alive.
Finally, lack of awareness led the invasion of evil clan. Evil clan control the wild animals, making them become monster and attack the MU Kingdom. Because of not war experience, people cannot fight with the monster. All of people retreat to town and there is the only place safe, the monsters cannot enter the town area.
In order to defend the homeland, all people unite together, they begin to train their fight skill, and kingdom begins to train their own troops. Countless of heroes are born, heroic counterattack began, people are united and fight for their homeland.
Powerful enemies strike steadily. People finally understand that enemies are well prepared. Enemies are ready to make trouble for people when people are having peace and happy life. Although the enemies are very powerful, but as long as we unite together, there is hope and miracle waiting for us, all of people are convinced of this. 
Because of unite, MU Kingdom cannot be destroyed. At the last moment, people still hold the several important cities, MU Kingdom are waiting for their growth fighters and send Invaders out of MU Kingdom.
In Warrior Lands and Enchanted Forest, fighters of MU Kingdom begin their difficult training. Fighters continue to deal with the enemies and fight. They grow up constantly from the fight. In the fighting process, the fighters founded that individual power is limited. Unite is the only way to play the greatest courage and strength.
Sage of the kingdom always warned the people to unite, this is their best weapon. In order to put enemies out of their homeland, in order to let the people live a peaceful and happy life, all of the people must unite together. Now is the time to expel the invaders, countless fighters sworn to defend their country and their own people.
With unity, warrior, magician from Warrior Land and archer from Enchanted Forest become the strongest fighter. They become the main force to against the invasion of evil clan. People believe in them and supporting them.
The invader forces began to weaken, perhaps afraid of powerful source from MU Kingdom, they began to     gradually retreat. The fighters are chasing the invaders and the invaders out of their homes.
Heroic defense of home and the fight against aggression war is finally over. The people of MU Kingdom united and fight over the evil, and this lead to the victory of MU Kingdom!