MU Origin leveling guide

2016-04-08 15:07:11

MU Origin leveling ways
1. Main Quest
2. Experience Dungeon
3. Daily Quest
4. Anciet Battlefield
5. King of PK
6. Camp Battle
7. Drama Dungeon
If you want a quick leveling, first of all is to follow the main quest, and bring enough potions to ensure your safety. Immediately wear quest equipment to enhance your battle point. Recycle the useless equipment for crystal. Crystal proved very useful. It can be used to exchange a lot of useful items that cost a lot of diamonds.

MU Origin leveling guide
For suggestion, new players can exchange some X3 EXP Seal. Do not rush to use it, keep it for your 8x EXP ancient battlefield, X3 EXP Seal will make your ancient battlefield superimposed to 11x EXP! About this time, you can unlock Experience Dungeon and Daily Quest. Both bring you a lot of experience.
At leveling process, we do not suggest you to edit your points, assign your points base on auto add system. Edit points are meaningless before your 3 rebirth. When 3 rebirths, you can distribute your points base on requirement of wearing the weapons. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of job, Energy is an important points, else you will be ravage by your rival!
Furthermore, killing certain amount of monster and reaching certain levels, players will gain achievement title. Higher the title higher the bonus attribute points. When you reach certain levels and you feel you cannot gain a lot of experience from quest, try to collect monster`s spirit for Illustration system. Permanent Bonus Attributes can be gained from the Illustration system.
All in all, for new players, if you have time and a little money, you may activate VIP title, VIP Exclusive Dungeon is a temptation place to gain equipment and wealth.