“MU Origin” how to increase battle point faster

2016-04-25 18:12:18

MU Origin increase battle point through upgrade of the wing level, equipment strengthen, equipment appending, achievement, military title, increment of level, VIP buff, and talisman.

Although there are many methods to increase your battle point, but still needs to make selection for improvement. For example, if you are going to kill boss more than PK, then the value of military title is more important than value of achievement, the role of weapons are greater than defensive equipment. Wings is a costly system, normally upgrade grade 4 wing consume more than 10 thousand diamonds, upgrade grade 5 wing consume more than 20 thousand diamonds. Recommended that to use Hawk`s Spark to advance your wings instead of using diamonds straightly. If you tick on consume diamonds automatically, it will consume your diamonds to advance the wings until a diamonds is not left.

“MU Origin” how to increase battle point faster


For talisman, it consume mostly crystal, brought some useless equipment for recycle if you are capability. Upgrade of talisman is more cost effective.

Equipment Appending is easier than Equipment Strengthen, if you feel that you are not luck enough, try to strengthen your equipment to +9, and the rest of the cost use on Equipment Appending, it is relatively easy.